API Economy & Microservices Transform into a Connected Enterprise Powerhouse through APIs,
Microservices and Process Integrations

API Economy & Microservices

To become a truly connected enterprise,
it is critical to have a viable strategy from
an integration & process transformation standpoint.

Most traditional businesses are undergoing rapid disruptions because of the nexus of four digital forces – mobile, cloud, social media & information patterns. In order to stay competitive & agile, enterprises have to expose all aspects of their operations to digital channels. As a part of this process, it is becoming more & more imperative for enterprises to re-engineer their business processes, channels of interaction & build strategies to deliver connected experiences to their stakeholders. All of this introduces renewed modes of interaction between multiple ecosystems, both within & outside the boundaries of the enterprise. This in turn, significantly drives up the complexities of integration requirements.


To become a truly connected Enterprise, it is critical to have a viable strategy from an integration & process transformation standpoint. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), adoption of Microservices Architecture (MSA), & Business Process Management (BPM) play a foundational role in realizing this strategy.

Skywalk Global API & Microservices Practice has capabilities to provide end- to-end process roadmaps & has the strong technical expertise to deliver both traditional & service-based integrations, as well as help our customers adopt next-generation integration solutions like API Management & MSA. Our solutions combine our unique methodologies, optimized cost models, tools, intellectual properties & industry partnerships to deliver quick outcomes.


Services Offered

  • Traditional & Service Based Integration Implementation, Upgrade & Support 
  • Integration Factory 
  • SOA Architecture Consulting 
  • Microservices Architecture Consulting & Implementations 
  • API Discovery, Adoption & Monetization